Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Cars & photography are my life. I love nothing more than combining the two.
I was given a camera as a birthday present at a very young age and have been clicking away madly ever since.
Great success in high school in Photography with film! Continued on and off as the years went by.. but much more seriously in 2010 after signing up for my first Digital Photography course.
After the 1st course I continued learning everything I could online and photographing at as many events as possible, until signing up for my next course Certificate IV start 2012. I have finished the first semester with great success and look forward to continuing on as well as.
I've always had an interest in digital of many facets and am really enjoying the many graphic design components of this course.
I have since expanded my photography to include people; portraits and special occassions.
Most of my work is available for viewing on available to all weather or not you are on facebook.
I also have a website