Monday, 1 April 2013

New Location, Nathan's Evo 5

Had a great end to the Easter long weekend with a mini shoot at a new location we discovered recently, west of Sydney.

It was a perfect afternoon weather wise and a pretty quiet location as we expected. The locals were so polite omg! Will definitely be back.

Quite happy with the results. The worlds most popular Evo! The 2nd image went global and ended up with over 40,000 likes!

The owner of the car is about to receive his birthday gift, a 45x30 INCH canvas print of said 2nd image here, ordered from my website by his awesome girlfriend! Can't wait to see how it came out, on such a large scale!

Sunday, 31 March 2013

April 2012 Marriage Proposal shoot - Pete & Amber

As I am planning to photograph my first wedding next year I thought I would re visit some photos I took 1 year ago for Marriage Proposal shoot by our gorgeous Sydney Harbour.. beginning with our 4.30am arrival! All the way from Penrith... But so worth it!

So 4.30am arrival, whilst my assistant and partner Dave was helping Peter get organised we also managed to snap some gorgeous shots of one of our pride and joys as Sydney siders, The Sydney Opera House. Also a very special place for Pete and Amber and a quay inclusion requested for their photos.

We did our best to remain hidden but their weren't any good hiding places. I think we managed initially :). The sun was rising right next to the Opera House so securing a good position and hiding for the proposal was difficult.

The end result after spending time with the couple was great. Very happy all round. Congratulations to the now very happy couple Mr & Mrs Peter Affleck, who were married in Denver Colorado USA, January 2013. 

A big thanks for the opportunity and pleasure to be a part of your very special occasion. Such a great couple to photograph, lots of fun was had.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

2012 Australian Pikes Peak Entrant photoshoot

A few images from an exclusive Photoshoot I was honoured to have the pleasure of conducting for Australia's 2012 Pikes Peak entrant and dear friends and drivers of said vehicle +jeff denmeade and Catherine Marie-Denmeade.

Shot on location at Wakefield Park Raceway back in June 2012.

We were put up for the night buy the awesome two-some at track side accommodation which in itself was exciting! trudged through torrential rain and flash flooding to get there.

We were all up up before the sounds of sparrows flatulating! For a pre event private track access shoot. Then continued shooting throughout the Circuit Club event for the day and also again with the track to ourselves for a sun down shoot. - News Release - Story on Carsales

 Some fun was had.. oh what a feeling! :)

And the main hero shot